The Letter Writing Desk

17 Sep
My official letter-writing area!  I have been wanting to do this for some time now.

Of course, it was much cleaner when I took this picture than it is now, though it is still fairly tidy, with a few additions.  On the far left you will see a small magazine collection which I steal appealing scraps from and then wastefully throw away… the little basket in front of it is full of said scraps from magazines past.  Or is it “passed”?  Whatever.  Anyway, you will also see a little thingy of gluesticks, which are to adhere said scraps to objects which I send through the mail.

On the direct right of the magazines is another container of more scraps, specifically non-magazine scraps.  And stickers.  Moving from the right of that, there is a pile of envelopes, a pile of cards, and a pile of stationary; then there are artistic utensils (the collection has grown to include many more mediums since I took this picture), and writing implements.  In the center is a letter I am writing to my friend Lizzie, as well as her letter to me I was responding to, and in the left corner of that, are two unanswered letters from Joanna and Ellie.
It’s really the simple things in life that I love, you can tell…
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Posted by on September 17, 2010 in Inspiration, Writing


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