07 Oct
On Sunday, Robert and I went to my favorite bookstore ever (aside from Powell’s, of course, but that’s on the other side of the country), The Reader’s Corner, and I discovered, for the very first time, this little collection of bookmarks from used bookstores around the country!  It was very awesome, especially since I have been meaning to start such a collection for myself.  The problem is, I end up actually using the bookmarks, and then they get worn and tattered and finally bio-degrade and don’t exist anymore except in my heart.
Which means only one thing: get TWO bookmarks whenever I make purchases at used bookstores.  How do I do this?  Why, make two separate purchases of course!  And wear a mustache while making one of the purchases so the cashier, if it is the same person, doesn’t recognize me and think to his or herself, “Why, that person already bought something.  I don’t need to give her another bookmark.”  Which is really not very nice, considering… I mean, if I buy two books, naturally I would be needing two bookmarks, wouldn’t I?
That cashier is very silly.
What surprised me is that the Reader’s Corner did not have a bookmark from Powell’s!  Powell’s Books, for anybody who doesn’t know, is located in Portland, Oregon, and is the biggest bookstore in the world.
It is now my mission to go to Powell’s the next time I am in Oregon and get a bookmark for the Reader’s Corner there.  And a couple more for me.  =D
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Posted by on October 7, 2010 in Books and Literature


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