Grand Canyon Day Two

15 Oct
On our second day of the Grand Canyon, I saw an elk in real life for the first time!  This was very exciting for me, having read a lot about elk and caribou in their context as wolf prey (not that there were any wolves to bee seen at the Grand Canyon… sigh…).
Anyway, this one was walking around the old train tracks at about 3 pm, minding his own business, I guess.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but I didn’t want to get closer as October is really not the time of year to go around approaching elk bulls.
We had taken Grandma on a bus ride along the eastern rim, and had just finished eating lunch when I headed out to catch a bus to the more western rim and saw this fellow.  I had intended to talk to some HawkWatch International people who were tracking hawk migration, but by the time the bus FINALLY got up to Yaki Point, it was very windy and rainy, and they had packed up and were getting out of there.  Fortunately I found out that they would be there every day, and not just every other day as implied by the brochure.  I also didn’t go hiking as I originally planned, as I did not like the idea of being blown off a cliff and into the canyon, as much as I was dying to get inside…
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Posted by on October 15, 2010 in Animals, Photography, Travel


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