Life, the Universe, and Everything

26 Oct

So at this very moment in time you may be thinking something like, “Well, she said she was going to start this new blog, and look what happened!  HA!  She can’t even get past post one… well except for now.  But then look at post two!  First of all, the title of post two is the title of a book by Douglas Adams which she hasn’t even gotten around to reading yet, AND so far all she has done is put words in our mouths.  WHAT a FAILURE.”

Well, ye olde newe readers, I will first tell you to GET OVER IT.  Secondly, I will teach you a life lesson I have learned in my short two decades upon this earth: everyone has a reason for doing something that other people interpret as stupid, rash, untimely, unjustified, etc.  And chances are, you do not know that reason… and, if you did, you wouldn’t be complaining about that person who did that thing.

Case in point: I have a job.  And I am really behind on doing that job because I just went to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada for 9 days.

Case in point, part two: my friend Wesley committed suicide the other day and I have been rendered Completely Wrought with Anguish.

So there.

Now, this is no time for “poor, poor Jessica”s and “I’m so sorry, dearie”s.  I am simply stating facts.  In a while I plan on doing a post about death, life, love, etc.  But this is not that post.

The thing is, among other things, I am stuck in the Pacific Time Zone.  And my brain is all confused, because it is trying to get back into my normal schedule here on the east time, which is go to bed at 10:30pm and wake up at 6am.  EXCEPT that I’ve been talking to my nocturnal best friend Joanna practically every night till midnight.  And THEN I try to wake up at 6, except that then I am awake long enough to make coffee and drink a few sips before I crawl back into bed and sleep till 10, at which point I force myself to get up and drink yucky microwaved coffee.

And this is all completely and utterly pointless since I will be leaving to visit lots of people on the west coast come Friday, at which point I will just have to get re-used to PST ALL OVER AGAIN.

So, basically, this is my way of saying: “I give up!  I surrender to my absurd schedule!  I will just try and make the best of it!”

I also need to stop playing guitar all day and do useful things like getting caught up on work since I’ll be doing a lot of traveling where Work Will Be Impossible.  I don’t know why I capitalized those but it seemed fitting for some reason.

“Why are you going west AGAIN?”

I am going to Portland, because that is always a nice place to be.  Also, it’s a good place to fly in to.  And they have the most awesome book store in the world.  And a church I’ve been wanting to try out.  And my friend Bekka is going to pick me up from there and take me down to Corvallis for an epic Halloween party.

And then Bekka and I are going down to Ashland to visit my favorite Stomping Grounds of Old for a few days, and visit the hostel people and Laura and the HLR peeps and Molly and copious amounts of money-taking places such as Senior Sam’s and Noble Coffee.  ASHLAND HOW I’VE MISSED YOU.

Then I am train-ing down (unless I can find a good ride) to San Jose to visit my amazing friend Rachel whom I haven’t seen in a while; and finally I am flying to Tennessee to visit my nocturnal friend who lives there, before finally coming back home.  with 10 or so days left to spare in November.  Have I mentioned that I will be doing NaNoWriMo through all of this??  PRAY FOR MY SANITY.

So!  That’s life for now.  I’ve just finished sipping on my coffee and I am ready to do something a little more useful, like working, before I go ahead and vote since I’ll be out of town on election day.  MEH VOTING IS ICKY.


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