My Favorite Place in the World

30 Oct

Today, I discovered another floor in Powell’s books.

I didn’t know it was there.

It was.

I was floored.

GET IT???  I seriously didn’t even mean to make that pun.  My cleverness lies solely in my unconscious.

Powell’s doesn’t lie – it is a “city of books” quite literally.  Right now I am sitting in the café, thinking about how I should just start my book already, and wondering if that is allowed, and feeling inspired, having a strange urge to play Settlers of Catan, and wanting to drink coffee even though I know I’ve already had a couple of cups today and I probably should…………… just wait till I finish my Green Machine drink before moving on.  Of course.

I already spent money here, too, on books that I probably won’t be able to fit into my backpack.  But then I can just mail them to myself at home, I suppose.  I bought The Bone Man’s Daughter by Ted Dekker, since I am guaranteed not to be bored while reading anything by him; a planner called “The 2011 Calendar of Bunny Suicides” (I think of myself as an animal lover… and I am, I swear!!  I just have a morbid sense of humor); and, for the sake of book research since I have officially decided to do InFoWriMo (WHATEVER), Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin, and 300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree.  No guarantees how helpful either of those will be, but I think they will at least provide some authoritative quotes for my book.

I was just thinking about my title I chose for this entry.  The thing is, that is NOT exactly true; I have a lot of places that I really like in this world.  BUT Powell’s, and Portland in general, are one of them.  Especially in the fall.  Everything is so deliciously gloomy here I am simply overcome with delight.  And a great want of coffee.

The great thing about this place is…. well, most everything.  But mostly it just makes me want to write and read, and those are very important thing.  And it revitalizes me in general.  There is just something about being revitalized that I find absolutely wonderful.

Every time I come here I think of taking a picture of the inside so the folks back home or just anybody who hasn’t ever been here can understand my infatuation with this store.  But facts are, it is just so big that no one photograph can adequately capture its vastness.  And if I took a picture of every Vantage Point of Hugeness, then everyone would look at them in sequence and think “well, that makes it look like a normal bookstore.”


So, I have simply concluded that the only option is to shamelessly promote it without hope for reward – because it will be a reward in itself when one day someone comes up to me and says, “You know that store in Portland, Powell’s?  Well, I finally went there per your seven hundred recommendations, and you are right – it is AMAZING and I want to LIVE THERE.”

You’re welcome.

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Posted by on October 30, 2010 in Books and Literature, Travel


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