What is "Socialization"?

09 Jan
I am rather hot and bothered at the moment, so I’m going to write about it.
There is a great number of poop-headed, ignorant people in this world who are a bit big for their britches and cannot ever seem to say anything of even remote value to society.  In fact, the only thing they do is make people like me very upset.  (Admittedly, I’m quite sure I have been this person before.  Oh, God, help me.)
I know I should not let unceremonious, obstinate bastards get to me: it isn’t as if what they say matters.  I guess I mainly have this urge to put them in their place; to culture and educate them in these areas they obviously have not been exposed to.  If someone assumes that homeschoolers are not “socialized”, but are amiable and willing to see that is not the case, then that is one thing.  But if one is barking around on public forums declaring that, basically, it is certainly a scientific fact that socialized homeschoolers are the exception, not the norm, and that all parents who choose to homeschool their children are irresponsible prudes bent on sheltering their children (which was not even the topic of the conversation), then it is very clear to me that you, sir, are the one who has not been “properly socialized.” 
A properly socialized person has been acquainted with a great diversity of people: people with different religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs; people with different upbringings and educational backgrounds; people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations; people with different life experiences that paint their own unique worldview and story.  And a socialzied person would take the time to listen and learn and love the people different from themselves.
Additionally, a socialized person understands social boundaries: they can recognize when is an appropriate time to say something and when is an appropriate time to keep the facehole shut.  They can sense when they want to say smoething and then don’t, because it actually isn’t something relevant to the conversation, or it would interrupt someone who is talking. 
Socialized people know good manners… they know it is rude and sometimes even hurtful to bash certain groups of people just because can. 
Of course, this makes me realized that most everybody in the world, I included, are probably not as well socialized as we really could be.
Oh, well.  Ima go work on that now.
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Posted by on January 9, 2012 in Soap Box, Unschooling


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