Hostels and Handshakes

15 Jun
So, this extended weekend (Wednesday through Sunday), I am working with Unschool Adventures on the Asheville Intensive – a program geared to giving college-aged peeps the tools they need to pursue their goals, whether or not that ultimately involves college.  I’m cooking, helping with workshops, and providing general moral support and such.  We are staying in a rad place in downtown Asheville called Sweet Peas Hostel.  It’s a lovely loft-like place that is extra-specially lovely in the mornings.  I snapped this picture yesterday as the sun was pouring in from Lexington:

Quite lovely, isn’t it?  It makes me want to do something.  Or be totally peaceful.  Or paint.  Active peaceful painting.  Yes.

After breakfast, our mornings consist of workshops that build skills such as interacting with awesome people.

In the above picture, Blake – assisted by the lovely Danielle – is demonstrating how to “PASHE” someone – that is, having good Posture, voice Amplification, a Smile, Hands that don’t flop around like fish, and Eye Contact when meeting someone new.

In the afternoon, everyone has time to pursue people to speak to about their relevant and similar goals and interests.  I took it upon myself to stop by the local Master Gardener Cooperative Extension Office to ask the resident Master Gardeners what it was like being a Master Gardener and how I might pursue that myself.

Unfortunately, I must report that the lady I talked to did not seem to be very interested in answering my questions.  Whether it was my age, the way I asked my questions, or just that she felt her completely volunteer position very holy and me unworthy, the brief interview did not go overly well.  Essentially all I got was a lecture about what a dedication it was to be so giving with my time and that I couldn’t use it to get paid (I had researched this already, but she had to tell me at least 17 times, you see) – and a bunch of papers.

Here is a picture of the papers:

However, my failure has only given me more confidence in myself – perhaps I do not want to be a Master Gardener at all – at least, not like that.  I want the knowledge and skills, yes.  But I have never been one to rely on any sort of institution to teach me all I want to know or even just give me credibility that I really feel better just establishing for myself.

And I feel much better about that.

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