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Beet: it’s what’s for dinner!

2-week-long appetite loss = gone.

-Ginger-curry greens (turnip, green wave mustard, beet) with onion and white eggplant (garnished with dill)
– Fried goat cheese
-Boiled beets
-Some walnuts and raspberries to boot

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The Case of the Missing Hot Sauce

I have done many, many things today.  Most notably, I have found myself in a beautiful hotel two miles from Zion National Park in Utah.  But, before I got here, my family and I were unstoppably drawn to a tourist trap, about 15 miles up the road from our hotel.
The tourist trap, which has a name I cannot currently remember, served ice cream, had many relics of tourism, and a petting zoo with some carrot-obsessed alpacas, a donkey, a few horses, some deer, and a rabbit.
One of the features of the store inside was its extensive collection of hot sauces.  I approached it skeptically, and soon found my suspicions confirmed: in the midst of so much hot sauce, there was not one bottle of Frank’s.
Fail, Utah.
At least you make up for it by being pretty.
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We should sell it on eBay

Today was the second day of the workweek at Camp Unirondack.  (Of course, I left on the third day, so I feel a little silly numbering the days as “one” and “two”, as I didn’t really work all that much, compared to the valiant Unirondack staff who stayed and did days “three, four, five, and six.”  Anyway, just thought I’d put that out there for the record.)
I volunteered Fergie, Ellie, and myself to make dinner that night.  I had originally been planning on doing some sort of southern meal, being from the south and all; but as I was thinking of what we could make, I realized that I didn’t really know what southern food was.  I suppose I could liken the epiphany to realizing that one *does*, in fact, have an accent.  Anyhooness, I settled on a few things normally served at potluck family gatherings.  On top of that, a few sides were decided on at the last minute.  In the end, we had a regular old REAL southern meal – a thrown together bunch of food that shouldn’t all go together, but somehow does anyway.
For desert, Ellie made two blueberry cobblers.  Lo and behold, she pulled the second one out of the oven and we were amazed to see that the middle had formed into a blob that resembled none other than our country ‘tis of thee sweet land of liberty… the USA.  It was the event of the event, and I am pretty sure dessert was that much tastier.
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