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Down in New Orleans

Luke, Elicia, and I went down to New Orleans to stay with former WWOOFer Daniel for a few days.  First, we sat by the Mississippi, drinking beer and watching this Great Dane run back and forth along the shore with its owner.
Later, we were back at Daniel’s house, drinking wine and discussing farming, philosophy, and finally, journaling.  Daniel remembered waking up one morning after some night of crazed incoherence and finding this written in his (wet) journal. 
We had a beautiful night out on the town, listening to jazz, bluegrass, blues, big band jazz, zydeco, and everything in between.  We ended the night playing tag in one of the city parks with some random crust punk named David – base was a frozen strawberry Daquiri.  I fell head-over-heels for New Orleans that night, and there are many more adventures to come…
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After San Francisco, I headed to my friend Joanna’s house in Virginia… but I stayed a night in Nashville at the Music City Hostel after flying in that evening.  They had a piano!!  Penny worked and lived at the hostel, and Mattia was a jolly Italian fellow on his way, incidentally, to California.  We had a wonderful time!

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No Longer a Teenager

Today was my 20th birthday.

I am working at a summer camp in the Adirondacks.  Today we led an excursion to Whittaker Park.  Three of us all had the same idea – bring our ukes!  Mine is on the left, Lahna’s is in the middle, and Yaz’s is on the right.  It was a fine day at the park; a little on the overcast side, but still quite enjoyable.  We also went out to Stillwater for dinner; the sunset pulled at my heart and the night air cleansed my spirit.

No more being a teenager anymore!  Time to get straight.  Now, to go play some more ukulele…

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